hello guys this is Sultan and welcome to my Commission dropper review so in a nutshell Commission trooper is software that will allow you to do a keyword research and Clickbank jvzoo or warrior plus and then you can get a best the best offer from the top sellers on these platforms after that you can fight competitive keywords on YouTube and then you can create your videos based on these keywords you can create your youtube videos based on these keywords okay you can you can create two types of videos you can create videos based on images or you can create a custom video where you can put intro outro watermark and and the background music Commission trooper will be launched on 19th of April at 9:00 a.m.

Eastern Standard Time make sure you stay until the end of the video as we will go through this sales page a demo at the members area and the audience and the upsells and my exclusive bonuses ok so before all of that let’s go for my my bonuses real quick so exclusive bonus number one which is a hack on how you can rank your videos to the top of Google this is a hack that is made by me you will not find this anywhere else apart from this page ok for exclusive bonus number two which is a video which is a CPA content marketing training it is a headache and trading which is this course I have purchased it for maybe $200 which is this one right here you won’t get access to all of this information that is all about CPA marketing ok guys how you can do a CPA marketing on Facebook he will give I will give you the software’s and everything that you need to know okay and for bonus number three I will give you the best YouTube niche ideas without showing your face exclusive bonus number four I will show you how you can create video animation we with canva and the last and the last bonus I will give you my mega bonuses which is over 105 bonuses that you will even that you can get access to and I will give you access to the vendors bonuses so this is a hundred and five bonuses 106 107 108 hundred and nine and until of that they all get access to the vendors one ourselves okay so now so now let’s go over the sales page real quick this

is the Sailfish new 100% free passive traffic in a matter of minutes in any niche new cloud-based reassembles existing videos and turns them into a free traffic magnets in three minutes video equals traffic equals profits without filming a thing turn in an existing video into free traffic and simply get 100% free massive traffic starting today evergreen results traffic and permissions no web sites domain extra cost is the three steps process hundred percent no be friendly but that’s a yes and the step by step training included okay this these are some testimonials this software is based on a real-life case study by the vendor which is his is called art flare which is this guy right here okay looking going through the sales page at your own time but now let’s go over the demo at members area


hey guys this is art flare from Team black belt and this is a quick Commission trooper demo to show you all of the functionalities and to show you how powerful this traffic generating app is so Commission trooper is a nine and one piece of software that reuses already existing videos and turns them into your own videos without any video creation just improving and already existing videos and we will be using Creative Commons videos which means that the reuse and monetization is allowed so in a second I’m going to show you all of the functionalities but first of all let me show you all nine components of commission trooper okay so as you can see right here on the Left we can access all nine we have the dashboard right here so we’re gonna have access to all the stats what am I going to click on Clickbank we can actually enter a keyword and then do a search so let’s enter a keyword like money let’s press on go and the cool thing about Commission trooper is that not only you can search for Clickbank products from within the software obviously could do this could just go to clickbank and do the same exact thing but what commission trooper gives us is the YouTube stats for the keyword that we are looking for so and that way you can actually find the most popular products we can get the sales page review we can promote it from within the software and we’re gonna get all the YouTube stats for that particular keyword which

means that we’re gonna know exactly which videos to start using okay and we have all the stats so we have all the views likes dislikes etc okay so so that’s just one of the features of Commission trooper and you wouldn’t be able to do it simply by going to Clickbank and Commission trooper allows you to get all that data now we also have jvzoo and as you can see we have the marketplace search so let’s do a search right now for a and money let’s press on go and as you can see we have the same exact step so we have the YouTube stats we have product popularity

affiliate details and sales page preview and as you can see we have a bunch of different products and YouTube stats is was a super super powerful when it comes to Commission dropper and what we going to be doing with Commission trooper and then obviously we can access the top sellers from jvzoo so this is the top products that are currently selling top 10 then we have our favorite platform warrior Plus obviously we can do the marketplace search so list again let’s search for Commission and you can also filter by vendor you can filter by W so the day only and let’s just click on the search and as you can see we’re gonna get same exact stats so we have all of these products we can instantly promote and we also have product popularity and YouTube stats again so again we will be creating videos and we need to know which videos actually to use ok and a part of the marketplace search we also have top sellers like with jvzoo and we also have the daily feed which are products that are launched today so we have all the information about what to promote and which videos to promote it with without leaving the software so we don’t have to be logging into Clickbank jvzoo and where Plus you can do all of this from within the software and that’s functionality number one – and free now next up we have the video creation right here but before I’m going to actually

create a video let me show you all of the rest of the functionality so first of all let me show you this YouTube Creative Commons search function so this is super super powerful because this is how we are going to find all the videos that we are able to legally reuse and redo with the Commission trapper software so again let’s type in Commission show some results and as you can see Commission trooper found all of these videos that we can legally use because all of them have the Creative Commons license so if you’re going to go to youtube if you’re gonna do this manually you should something like this as you can see license


Creative Commons Attribution license reuse allowed which means that we can just download it and upload it as is but what we want to do is actually use Commission trooper to make the video much better and again I’m going to show you what we can do in a second so another very cool feature is that we can just click right here on select video and we can instantly add it to the video creator and I’m going to show you that feature in a second next up we have sentiment analysis so as you can see we we can enter a keyword so again Commission let’s click on search and here we are going to get all the data on if the keyword that we are going after is actually powerful natural or not okay so as you can see we have all the information right here and this is pulled from Twitter and from Redis so two very very powerful websites where people actually share videos so this is super relevant as you can see the strength is 22% we get the sentiment passion reach and the sentiment is mostly natural for this keyword and the cool thing is that we also have all the related keywords right here and we

can actually look up the reddit and tweet posts so this is very very useful for all the data research and for actually going after the right keywords next up we have YouTube video analysis so here we are going to get all the data not only about the video but also about the channel about likes and dislikes so we’re gonna see what people actually like what kind of videos they are liking they are disliking and we also have all the channel info so this is very very powerful again this shows us exactly what kind of videos to use and which keywords to go after ok so as you can see we have published views likes dislikes ratings favourites comments duration channel and all the channel information right here

so does the YouTube video analysis another feature that I’m not going to be showing you right now because I’m going to show you the advanced Video Creator is the image Video Creator so how this works is you just add images and you add an audio file and a video will be created for you from these images that audio file so super simple you can also add some audio text to be added via speech to text technology okay so as you can see we have different languages right here we have different dialects so this is a super simple way to create videos but again I’m going to show the advanced way in this demo right now so just keep in mind you can create all types of different videos with this unless we have the image editor so we can actually create images or edit images from within the software which will save you a lot of money on Fiverr gigs or upward gigs etc you can create all of these images from scratch and the cool thing

is that you can actually create images with transparent background which are perfect for YouTube videos because you won’t be getting that awkward you know white or green or whatever the color is background you’re gonna get transparent images which are ready to use for our videos so let me just create new as you can see we can add a custom width and height so let’s click on create we have a bunch of different things we can add text we have we have drawings we have filters shapes stickers this is super easy drag and drop and as you can see we can make it smaller bigger and we can move it around super simple to work


with even a 12 year old can create images this way and that’s just an additional feature just to make sure that your videos look absolutely amazing so finally let’s create a video so let me click on create video right now and let me show you how easy it is to repurpose an already existing video and actually make it better brand it in your own way and get tons of traffic from it okay so as you can see first we’re gonna add the title so let me just add the title right here now with the wizard right here what we can do is we can add the video obviously but if we want we can also add an intro and an outro so how this works you can add any video as an intro any video as an outro you can also add pixabay images for video creation and you can also select images from the image video creator if you want to or you can just use another YouTube video so if you just want to compile a three different videos make first the intro the second as a main video the third as an outro you can do that as well but for the purpose of this video let me just add a video right here and let me add the team blackbelt intro and let me actually add it as an outro as well just to show you how all of this works now for adding the main video what we can do is we can do the YouTube Creative Commons search which is the same search I showed you right here so YouTube Creative Commons search or we can add the

main video if we already have it download it to our computer or we can just add a youtube url so you just go to youtube obviously you’re gonna be happy to using the Creative Commons Attribution license videos so I already found this one and again when searching for videos from inside Commission trooper you don’t have to worry about that because Commission trooper will only find a Creative Commons videos that are ready to use ok so let me grab the URL let me paste it right here and the coolest thing about Commission trooper is that you can add all of these additional things which are great for branding and which

will make your video that much better ok so first of all we can add a lower third image which will be displayed during the duration of the whole video we can add a watermark image we can add some text in different colors we can add an animated text that will be going from left to right or from right to left and we can also add background audio so this will be depending on the original videos that you are using so for the purpose of this video let me just add a watermark image which is again great for branding let me pick our team blackbelt logo and you can select where you want it this place would be centered top left top right bottom right bottom light so let’s do top left and what I’m also going to add is some animated text so I set the text hello world we have the padding we have

scrolling left to right or right left let’s do left to right and I don’t need any background audio because the original video has it let me click on create a video and the video should be ready in a couple of minutes okay so as you are seeing our videos ready all we have to do right now is just click on the blue button to download it to our computer then upload it and if you don’t know what to do a video from this point on don’t worry because we include all the video training in a case study on how to exactly a generate traffic with the video get Commission’s and make the amount

of money that you want to make so that’s it for this demo video grab your copy of commission trooper right now and I will see you inside the members area so I am back again so now let’s go over the prices and lab sells for the front and price it will be sixteen nine to five to nineteen ninety five which is all which is the only thing you that you saw at the at the demo video for upgrade number one which is the advanced version you get you will unlock unlimited everything okay that it that is in summary you you you will not unlimited everything unlimited unlimited video editing and limited rendering and limited traffic magnets and everything and for other and for the update number to upgrade number two which is the term for you which is which would cost six sixty seven dollars he will give you they don’t they don’t for you didn’t for you after the campaign CPA campaigns social media promos and everything that you need this is an optional upgrade okay for the upgrade number three which is there is your license upgrade number four which will be you will get access to forty five warrior plus products of the day by by the vendors

themselves which will cost one hundred one hundred forty seven dollars upgrade number five which is the sixth finger training for the seven dollar I think this is the horse is made by art where you can get access to it for forty seven dollars which should teach you instagram traffic the module google adwords module product creation module for upgrade number six which is which is the last one you will get three traffic softwares the rapid lead magnets keyword research ninja and the traffic marketing but which this will cost $27 these upgrades are all optional optional but but I I highly recommend that you get upgrade number one okay so that is it I will repeat my bonuses if you if you want my if you want my exclusive bonuses to be at two members earlier make sure you click at at any of the red buttons that is in this

page which will lead you to this sales page right here okay so my exclusive bonus number one I will show you how you can rank your videos to the first page of Google bonus number two which is a high ticket training on CPA content lock locking and bonus number three best YouTube niches ideas without sharing your face and bonus number I think bonus number four I will show you how you can create video animation with canva and the last bonus one will give you 105 make 105 bonuses that you will get access to so this is 105 bonuses and a six seven eight nine and on top of that you will get the vendor’s bonuses on top of my policies I think this is over 115 bonuses I don’t know okay that’s it for this video and thank you for watching and good bye


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