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Giant Ebook Kit comes with 3,000 Ebooks with PLR Rights – so you can do whatever you want with them, such as edit them, use them as they are, sell them, give them as bonus, etc! Here you’re in full control! It is a stunning collection of 50,000 eBooks with FULL PLR.

This 3000 ebooks bundle is organized into BIG PLR packages (one for niche) that you can rebrand and sell individually or as one HUGE package for a high price. You get instant access to a stunning collection of 3k high-quality ebooks,

PLR, book covers and etc. of unique contents created around hot trending topics such as internet marketing, health, fitness, self-help, social media, making money online and personalized for the Amazon audience. so, how do you find top trending books? Title, Description and Categories (related keywords)

Giant Ebook Kit review Editable PLR Books

Giant Ebook Kit

Giant Ebook Kit– Product Overview

Сrеаtоr: Trevor Carr et al
Рrоԁuсt: Giant Ebook Kit
Lаunсһ Dаtе: 2022-Jan-15
Lаunсһ Тіmе: 11:00 EST
Оffісіаl ѕіtе:
Frоnt-Еnԁ Рrісе: $13
Воnuѕеѕ: ҮЕЅ, Big ВОNUЅ
Rеfunԁ: ҮЕЅ,  30 Dау Nо Quеѕtіоnѕ Аѕkеԁ Money – Back Guаrаntеed
Nісһе: Ebook
Ѕuрроrt: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Rесоmmеnԁеԁ:  High Rесоmmеnԁеԁ


Giant Ebook Kit is a collection of 50000 eBooks with FULL PLR. The eBooks are organized into BIG PLR packages (one for niche) that you can rebrand and sell individually or as one HUGE package for a high price.

You can get instant access to a colorful collection of 3,000 high-quality ebooks PLR book covers and etc. of unique, new contents created around hot trending topics such as internet marketing health fitness self-help social media making money etc.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Even better, you also get a resell rights opportunity with this Mega Pack Bundle. Which means after you purchase this Mega Pack Bundle, you get full resell rights so you can sell this as an eBook package and keep ALL of the profits for yourself.

You could sell your eBooks one by one and earn money from each of them. You can choose to sell each one separately or bundle them together and sell them as a bundle. Whatever way you prefer. The profit is ALL yours! KA-CHING!!

It contains 3000 high-quality information-rich eBook packages with unrestricted private label rights. These packages contain 1000 eBooks each and will be worth every penny you spend.

This eBook package is perfect for every online marketer. With these books you will be better geared to launching and maintaining your own online business, making your own revenue and gathering other insider tips for side-hustling.

This bundle contains eBooks about:

  • Internet business startup / online marketing
  • Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting someone else’s products, services or content to earn a commission. Sales funnels are intended to guide website visitors through the sales process, helping them understand the value of your product or service and ensuring they are ultimately convinced to purchase. SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Blockchain Secrets / Forex Trading
  • Coaching Business Success
  • Dropshipping / Product Launching
  • 10K Blueprint / Ecommerce
  • Personal Development. Mind, Body, & Spirit
  • Health, Food & Well Being
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Positive decision-making and life coaching
  • “Produce a Bucket List of 10 Things to Make Perfect.” Please note that not everything in here is applicable to children, and the author’s examples are selected based on the age range of this website, and in edited form, rather than in their original form.
  • Business brains are moving on perfect partner.
  • And Much more…

Giant Ebook Kit review

Giant Ebook Kit come with Private Label Rights, giving you complete freedom to do with them what you will. You may keep them as they are, alter them however you wish, or even break them apart and repurpose them. You can even sell the eBooks, print them, or do whatever you want with them. Save your leaves until you have enough to fill a 1-gallon bucket. When you fill the bucket, break off the excess leaves, but do not throw them away. Store them in a cool, dry place, such as a closet or basement.

And that’s not all. The first 50 people will also get a free bonus, which comes in 3 parts or “modules”:

  • Module #1: 40 DFY Infographic Design
  • Module #2: 480 Infographic Elements
  • Module #3: 2100+ Vector Icon

These 3 modules work together to make creating professional infographics incredibly easy. Take all the work out of the design by using PowerPoint templates.

Now is the time to profit endlessly with private label rights. And you get all of these 30,000 high-quality niche eBooks for a mere fraction of what it would take to create even one ebook.

don’t hesitate to read the next parts of this review as I’ll show you what you will get inside and cash in on the huge market demand and interest in home business with these amazing online business products!


Here is what you get with the Giant Ebook Kit:

    • 3000 Ebooks with PLR & MRR Rights. It covers the most profitable niches such as health wealth dating and many more it includes sub niches such as weight loss make money online content creation dating etc.
    • Ebooks come complete with private label rights, meaning that you can edit them, sell them, use them for whatever you like, however you see fit.
    • This is the simplest way to have your own product to sell it’s a fact that in order to earn an online income you need to have a product or service to sell if you don’t have one you don’t run a business and now you can get 3000 eBooks that you can turn into products and make a business from Hurry to get into money online sites, because only a limited number will open today.
    • Save you time and money! Our goal is to save your time and money – and also make you huge profits … for that reason we have only ebooks in the most profitable niches, all very easy to edit, use, or sell.
    • Get instant access to 3000 E-Books with PLR rights. This is the biggest collection of E-Books ever seen on our market.
    • You can change those ebooks into products by adding your name into them and turning them into products, and you can make big profits from selling them.
    • We cover the niches of health, money, lifestyle, dating, and more
    • The best way to have your own product and launch it to the world is to have a continuous and measurable process, which develops your idea, and makes it a market-ready product.
    • You can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars that you would invest on creating the product yourself, because you will go to market with a product that is proven.
    • Edit, Use, Sell, Give, You Decide: When you edit an ebook, you can edit it any way you want. You can then decide whether to add it to your library, sell the book as an ebook, or give it away as a bonus.
    • Full private label rights are included! Enjoy the full resale rights to the colors, patterns, and content found in this coloring pack!

3000 Ebooks with PLR & MRR rights and we cover all the profitable niches including health wealth dating and many more. We also cover sub niches such as weight loss make money online content creation dating etc.

The Giant Ebook Kit come with MRR (Master Resale Rights) and full PLR ( private label rights) meaning you can do whatever you want with them edit them sell them use them as they’re etc so here you’re in full control.

 This is the simplest method to start a business without a product. If you don’t have your own product, you don’t have a business. Getting 3000 ebooks you can turn into products and make real profits. You can sell online for money. If you want to sell your online account, you should open an official store on eBay or Amazon, where you can sell items related to your account.

Our goal is to save your time and money—and also make you HUGE profits—for that reason we only have the most profitable niches, and also they are very easy to customize, use, or sell.

With the Giant Ebook Kit launching at an incredibly low price and with so many ebooks, it actually means you’re paying less than half a cent each! So you can see the enormous potential you have at your fingertips here! -r

Never before has this amount of money and earning potential been made available in this type of business, so there is no doubt that you are at the forefront in a huge opportunity to make money.

And with so many niches covered, including Health & Wellness MMO (Make Money Online) and Dating, you can be ahead of the game from the start and can take full advantage to cash in big time.

If you want to pimp and tweak these products, there are instructions in the product description box. Check out the videos on the product pages to see exactly how these products are used.

Use these postcard leads to build your list. Send out a powerful message by offering valuable bonuses. These postcards are perfect for auto responders, autoresponder sequences, product launches, and squeeze pages.

This incredible package includes a special offer, so secure a copy before it disappears!



Advertising in your various products, or you want to add high quality additional products to your clubs? or as a free gift to your customers when they subscribe to your Facebook website or channels. For whatever reason, it doesn’t matter what methods you use.

What you need to be successful in membership site where people are desperate to claim their spot is by placing unique products in the form of training courses. By adding these training courses to your membership site, you will attract new subscribers, sustain your existing customers, and earn recurring profits.

And that’s exactly what is going to happen in this rare and massive Giant Ebook Kit – An awesome way for you to kick-off a new PLR membership sites or expand your existing online business.

We realize that you have previously paid $5 for a small article. But you can get tens of thousands of PLR products organized into packages that you can Download whenever you want.

With these Private Label Rights, you will be able to claim these products as your own, as you will have exclusive rights to these products. You can declare yourself as the sole author, your firm as the sole creator and you will be able to update amend and modify these products in any way you want.

In a nutshell, you managed to create your own products without lifting a finger. With these products you have:

  • with Resell Rights
  • with Master Resell Rights
  • with Private Label Rights
  • with Giveaway Rights
  • with Personal Rights

It’s amazing to think that all of this started with a $5 piece of PLR! I was financially on my knees and looking for a way out of my situation.

I’d been researching the Make Money Online industry and discovered that one of the most effective and fastest is to earn a large amount of money is to create your own product.

So I decided to pimp my PLR product. I removed all the unused material, added my own graphics, and formatted the document. The end result was a product called Easy Traffic Magnet which pulled in over $8000 in sales!

And that was just the beginning. I then went on to release a product called Pimpr that teaches everything that I did in order to “pimp” that product and that went on to do over $34000 in sales! And with the Giant Ebook Kit you have 3000 PLR/MRR products!

Do you see the potential here?

Giant Ebook Kit is a great jump start for everyone who wants to launch an online business. In seconds you get access to 3000 Ebooks that you can turn into your own products and sell them online.

My golden tip is… get instant access to 50,000 Mega Bundles Pack with resell rights now!

If you want to achieve success, build your own successful online business empire, make money you always desired, and live the life of your dreams while maintaining your Brand’s Identity. “This 3k Mega Bundle Pack” is for You!

I am blown away by the value included in this package. Some individual ebooks sell for more than the cost of this entire package. It is so big, I haven’t yet looked through it all, but I was happy to see that the stuff that I looked at was not old rehashed junk. This is a The package and license are of high quality. This package is PLR and MRR.

Right this moment, you can get this offer at this huge discounted price. But great things don’t last forever. So prices are going to go up soon. What we are charging is a relatively small investment if you were to buy this package with such an amazing opportunity.

Not only you will learn so much from these products but you will also be able to make money from selling these products time and time again. PLUS you are also granted instant access to my exclusive bonus.

If you are looking to sell online and make money online then this collection includes DFY ebooks that you can sell online easily and quickly. All the ebooks in this collection are high quality and come with sales pages, meaning you can start selling them right away!

So don’t wait! Take action now before the price increases!


If you like “pimping” any 3000 ebooks that are available in the Giant Ebook Kit, then you now have the exact method that I used, to turn that single piece of PLR into $8,000. You get Pimpr, free, when you grab your copy.

Pimpr…Gold is extracted from PLR or private label rights products. You can extract gold from PLR by buying it or finding a free PLR product online.

    • Step #1.Select the extensive library in the Giant Ebook Kit and choose a PLR topic to sell.
    • Step #2. Follow the Pimpr formula (based on my own results) and GoldBling Cash…

Ok Seriously ? Follow the same steps I use and you’ll be able to turn any PLR into Real Money Time & Time Again. ?

Use them yourself. No skills or experience are necessary. No update or extra investment is needed.

    • You can sell the eBook Pack as it is, with private label rights (PLR), to earn huge bucks online.
    • You can sell each eBook individually with PLR on various sites like Amazon eBay Kindle JVZoo Warrior Plus ClickBank etc. For a stampede of payments.
    • The eBooks should be translated into different languages, which allows you to sell them to people around the world for a larger profit.
    • The eBooks should be printed out as physical books. Then, sell them in a bookshop or at events.
    • Convert the eBooks into MP3 files and sell the podcast for Pure Profits.
    • Use info in these eBooks to create a unique set of courses that you can sell on Udemy.
    • Create videos that highlight the highlighted words in your book and share the video on your YouTube channel.
    • Break the eBooks into blog posts or articles and submit them on various platforms for traffic. The traffic generated from these platforms is sufficient for affiliate marketing and directing targeted customers and leads to your website.
    • Package the content as a home study course, so the students can learn at their own pace in the comfort of their homes.
    • Use the eBooks content to create a series of emails to be sent to subscribers. These emails can provide educational help and can also contain sales offers that work in conjunction with the eBooks content.
    • Bundle a few eBooks and create your own Firesale offers. The Firesale is a promotion on a website or a page that states a date and time of sale and offers a deep discount for a limited time.
    • Offer them as a bonus to your existing products.
    • Offer them as bonuses to your affiliates, so that they promote your website.
    • Add these leaves to your funnel as a backend offer for insane profits.
    • Use eBooks content for webinars
    • Run your own eBook membership site
    • Create your own digital book store, charging your own price for individual guides.
    • You can even create an eBook and sell it on Amazon as your very own.
    • Build a large affiliate community. Encourage others to blog about your products and promote them on their social networks.



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