Migrating from Yahoo Teams to Teams IO – Setting up your New Group (Component 1) WARNING – COMPUTER SYSTEM CREATED SUBTITLES

CAUTION – COMPUTER CREATED CAPTIONS I welcome my name’s Callum from DX Leader callsign M 0 MC eggs I’m a technological person and as a result of that I belong to a variety of yahoo groups now for many years different to yahoo groups have been seriously sought out by specifically technical people that have discussion forums but likewise you know simply routine residential people that you know probably have a committee it could be you recognize the Police it could be a village hall committee or whatever else it might be a small group of individuals

it could be a large team of people yet the point is that Yahoo team becomes you recognize an essential location it has a file repository as your mins it has user’s manual it has all sorts of things so choices over the years have been desperately sought after because we have actually all had the issue where you send them email to your yahoo team referred e-mail reflector and maybe a day as well as you understand it’s simply not immediate as well as in the world that we reside in you recognize we like that immediate

design currently this network that you’re presently enjoying is mostly concerning a mature area however if you like my style you’re spending time feel free to hit the subscribe switch and if this video has actually made any type of sense to you and also you’ve appreciated it by all means hit the like button as well that assists my ratings you see so what I wish to speak about is the real option from yahoogroups to something called teams dot IO now I’m gon na place my insane glasses on here as well as I’m gon na I’m screencasting this at the exact same time teams populate IO I have moved a two thousand customer team over there I have moved almost eighty individuals yet it was equally as value of the eighties it was to the two thousand saaremaa displays just come active right here I’m firing up Firefox right here since I’m not logged in I’ll simply reveal you what you do when you start off with teams I have so this is

it below all you do is you would certainly strike the signup switch placed in your email address and also password now you recognize if you’ve gone to the trouble of actually seeing this thus far then clearly you’re capable of doing that I can state though that I have actually never ever been as well as by groots I do not get e-mails that not needed aside from really serious updates when I’m an administrator to let me know something I have not had any down time I have actually remained in groups IO for around 18 months now and my huge user team which is 2,000 solid just I haven’t had a trouble as well as also be guaranteed that the movement process

although is a migration and also all your individuals auto amazingly obtain an e-mail stating visit this site they’ll obtain a display it understands that they are it’s a very custom-made URL all they do is put a password in there straight right into your team there the various other excellent news exists’s always a go back button because your yahoo team is still existing it’s still a backup people might upload there so what we’ll have to cover is exactly how do you closed that down on the one hand and stop individuals publishing there as well as what messages do you leave there to make sure that people immediately come to your brand-new group because the issue is all the social networks over there as well as around and also the team and on e-mails and other web sites and more will have a link to your yahoo team so you require to be extremely clear because they struck the yahoo team hi we’ve relocated look at here so what we are actually doing is developing a duplicate so we’ve obtained the yahoo group as well as we’re producing a duplicate of teams populate IO so I just intend to head directly in and also I’m already in groups IO right here and I’m currently logged in okay so all she would do is find or develop a group I mean is essentially as simple as that produce a team you just struck that button produce a team offer it an email address so you recognize if you’re into blue widgets you may want to call your you recognize we call it the you understand whatever

the team email address you know it’s just blue widgets and also and now large blue widgets at teams to IO so any type of mail that goes to there thinking they’re a member and their email compares with their login and more it would come directly in you provide a summary of what the group is right here and also I recommend you take that from your original Yahoo groups there may be some Links you may intend to change and also there do you intend to detail it to ensure that

people occur oh hey that’s appearance so staff I’ve constantly wanted say goodbye to regarding blue widgets or do you not detail it as well as you maintain it personal due to the fact that terminate it states here can not be changed to open up later on so what you could do is just have it not listing the directory site with all croaky detailed in the directory site but private archives the majority of people would have that most individuals would have it listed however the archives or the message base Everly’s personal then you would hit produce team then there is a pause it considers me since I have actually created a couple of groups now it takes two or three hrs for the maker to understand who I am and also I think there is a physical human being that simply checks that you’ve placed the right stuff in below as well as also it claims the fundamental teams at the top right here of one gigabyte of attachment

storage space that does not include your message base excuse me the one gigabyte is for your data and also pictures beyond that I assume it’s $10 a month so what you can go to yahoo groups trim it down back it up archive it which type of point and afterwards in the next movie I do will really do a movement as well as we show you what happens yet what I actually want to do is bail out of here since I’ve simply begun setting up for some friends of mine a group called nog currently you’re not gon na have the ability to get involved in nog so don’t fret about entering into there you need to possess particularly it’s in fact a watercraft and they’ll intend to

understand things like you know what the entire the whole number is and where you purchased it you got it from now how much time have I been running I don’t know because that cam goes out every from time to time therefore I wish to show you the leading level at the administrator currently exactly how to begin to establish your groups alright allow’s do that so from the group’s IO you recognize top degree you would choose the group I suggest I obtained a few below however you would certainly select your group below and you end up with a display that looks

like this currently the only added food selection product that you have more than a regular client is this little bit that states admin which is a drop-down then in right here you would certainly have your pending participants there are any below there is a members also sorry right here you can welcome people with a customized you understand I simply remembered Joe you’re not component of the event you understand sign up with place your personalized message and so on see exactly how it’s transforming it in parallel from there to there that’s great um integrations I have pursued instance like the Facebook assimilation as well as if you post to a Facebook web page it automatically blog posts to here yet frankly I’m not right into that and also I it functions

however it was simply bandwidth hefty and you know what there suffices transmission capacity out there or rather details overload to be troubled with this the vital one is setups so this is for North Ave called group and I’ve given it a particular email address nog at groups died at i/o as well as we’ll concern that in a minute to make sure that’s heaven title that’s the e-mail address this was duplicated from the yahoo groups if you’ve obtained a particular internet site for your group you know if it said town all you understand grinding t’ l whatever medical professional that you carry tranquil you can put it in there right here we can I have actually noted it in the directory site

with we require private archives can not be private archives of course we’ll have that and also that can see that states it Hitler that can see the member directory site currently if it’s a really close-knit team you’re fairly comfortable with other individuals mixing with other individuals of course you might have that all customers can watch the members directory okay so currently you can change these you could you can say just disable it there isn’t a members directory site or I wish to have the ability to as the mediator they’ll do that yet we’ll leave it at clients at the minute and also individuals I’m developing this for will certainly be available in and they’ll have the ability to change it anyway you see so who can list you can in fact see the group participants it’s these individuals below and also I’m mosting likely to do not mask or do I mask the e-mail addresses in the internet

archives this implies incidentally cuz I have actually the helpdesk really works in their groups to IO which is rather convenient I have I send out an e-mail to state that I’ve obtained a lot of confidential individuals who wish to speak with each various other and also I wish to entirely mask the email address that can’t be done however it can be done for the archive so a beginner comes they can’t scrape all the e-mail address or addresses for the last you understand ten years or whatever else so we could mask e-mail addresses in the web archives however if you sign up for the list the email address will be presented as the front person alright spam control we wish to typically restrict membership the majority of the technological teams

I’m IMing have a limited membership we related to join fill out a type whatever which’s so I’ve left it below like that and you essentially have one of these tapes so I’ve ticked that their message plans review these and choose what you wish to do in the major I have actually left them off and also do not reply to the sender reply to the group I set up team nuts long ago as well as everybody demanded mailing me independently wha Germany potty anyway you can get rid of any type of various other reply choice that suggests since the front end of groups do not I Oh is really fairly great and friend of mine Ken and also I we download and install the I think there’s an application for it which sort of thing yet the although in the main these group details we utilize on e-mail the as well as Yahoo was simply a pain in the ass wasn’t it to utilize from the internet user interface the team’s i/o user interface I’m just claiming he’s in fact rather great so by getting rid of the other reply alternatives and provides offers you the capability to lock the webbings deal with down to stop people attempting to reply and do the incorrect things

as well as I’m gon na leave that there actually you have a customized message splitter if you remember on yahoo team so might be adverts and also all type of stuff you might do your own point in below just a pointer of a particular guideline if you have actually got it and then the subject tag this is what I assumed got on the previous web page in fact so the JTAG would certainly come over like this and afterwards it would be you recognize re you know cruising face to face whatever which’s what the subject line would appear like as well as if you bear in mind that’s that’s fairly useful since many email address and email customers you can set up a rule simply search for that as well as submit it over here there’s a number of things you can do right here you can stabilize HTML to a conventional you understand black font style which kind of thing you can permit or forbid or jump or remove accessories that depends on

you if you lack your one gig room you can make it did you understand do you want to bounce just bounce the message or just wish to delete the old attachments and also progressively you understand little a harmful one initial thing I just do a bounce and then choose what you’re gon na do I’ll simply yeah I’ll leave it there or you can state I do not desire HTML strip out you have everything as ordinary message I’ll leave it up simple message for the time and afterwards I happen to understand the people are coming after me Milt and Karen and also a couple of various other guys they can choose just how they want to do this since I understand I’m making this movie really for them however while

I’m doing it may also make it for everybody there’s some features directly I do not desire you understand so I would certainly claim you understand disable the schedule conversation does work it does produce an archive so if you’re talking and also the chats fairly good I did it weekend should’ve been about a year ago recognized that there was really an archive are erased after therefore if you gossip independently that understand as well as subgroups I do not understand I have never ever utilized them data sources I’m disabling them as well as photos inside the data source you can but because I haven’t got a database I’m not going to resize it my okay documents and so customers puzzle as well as modest scrap lots I would recommend if it’s a personal group and individuals know what they’re doing the considerate I would permit customers to

view as well as upload and they can submit images in the documents sections or you can claim I don’t you can upload files however do not clog it with images on the various other half of the technological group you may intend to take a photo of something as well as say hi there does anybody know you know and leave it on the file with instructure or whatever else so photos customers can watch an upload you’ve reached make that choice you can resize them as well as claim I look just provide me kind of virtually a thumbnail 312 by 312 child I have actually established Milt and also Ken and staff to 102 4 by 102 4 as well as what about accessories also you recognize individuals put in bed or affix a picture in a message this is the factor you might state actually we’ll make it a realistic dimension if it’s that essential they can write a paper and also placed it in the record in the documents folder posts I’m disabling wiki is awesome I’m mosting likely to disable it and I’m gon na update the team currently I’m gon na call it’s the really heavy little bit which is too truly since what we remained in here we’re in setups right yet really what we’ve made clear the top right here is these tabs when the following button is the

default client setting so each person in the team can be available in as well as do their own customer settings for example oh simply give me an absorb to twelve messages I’m gon na leave the default so this is what they’ll change if they desire seal afterwards if a message concerns the team send it on message selection every message is emailed to you that’s fine oh every message in threads or hashtags if I do not review this comprehend it I have actually left it such as this because it’s the means I like it which’s fine and also oh yes you can automobile comply with replies and also all type of things but anyhow I assume the essential point is because a lot of individuals go nuts over file size this is exactly how large do you desire it so you can simply have no add-ons limitless make your mind up I’m gon na leave it at 100k it’s not as well big I bear in mind in the old days when I purchased a u.s.

Robotics offer for two HST 14 for modem I might practically get 100k without obtaining really insect it off you know the mean and after that establish your ties timezone and I’ll allow the men that enter into this group a little fix that determine just how that which time zone they want participants think I’ve never ever made use of so I’m not mosting likely to trouble with it cover photo I’ve simply utilized a watercraft okay participant notices is there vital one that intend to spend a moment here on Yahoo if you were a group oh no you could do points like if individuals chose people wishing to join you can instantly send them a mail could not you and then they would reply and afterwards you join them and actually the yahoo team system was rather great what they’ve done is they just made it a bit much better so there’s a process and also we simply need to resolve it so participant notifications newts firstly we got a welcome message so when they join immediately you that’s the that’s the notification type and also if you see there’s a drop down here as well as I’ll come t.

o that soon so this will certainly be it.

so you can type what below you understand whoa you’re in you understand yet you wish to with the subject oh no name what does that say after that welcome message ahahahaha these the Welcome message is the name that you want to offer it that you can describe when you come back here an additional day they’re not gon na get that what they’re gon na get is the subject line so you can place whatever you like in there as well as you can have the messages either active or non-active so you have a lot of messages you might try points out and after that they would certainly get this hey there welcome da-da-da-dah if you’ve obtained an issue call me mail me do this these are the regulations don’t forget blah blah.

blah then you might update that notification so what I’m gon na do go back to mine a participant notices by clicking it once again and also I’m gon na hit brand-new notice as well as I’m mosting likely to show you the types of messages that you could do so you might have a band member hello John it would say a band member you might leave it as the name that you wish to refer to as band member and the subject line I’m sorry I’ve had to prohibit you and you can put a thing now I’ve located a couple of people in my time yet I have actually never ever sent them include the balls even though I’m a bit ballsy so new notification claims attempt what else we have actually obtained so we’ve obtained a welcome we’ve obtained band participant a straight include John I have actually included you to the group I hope you really did not mind whatever team guidelines Soudan in the main you can go to your standards that you had most likely on your whole team and paste all of it in so there’s a subject line the topic is travelling on lines it’s an e-mail subject oh as well as it markets subject made use of when sending the standards to the team standards are readable just.

by members as well as send out on join oh cool I’ll leave this and then they simply paste in below the policies that you initially had when you’re over at Yahoo I’ll simply return what else we obtained welcome message farewell I made use of to have among those on Yahoo sorry to see you go clearly extremely active you recognize don’t don’t you recognize do not hesitate to find back whenever use this point we get rid of all this messaged under that invite hi would you like to join I have actually noticed whatever note remember I utilized to have this and I’ll tell you why soon due to the fact that we have actually got the pending membership and I’ll return to note to member them an added subscription is exactly what you hello I observed you’ve requested to join my group might I require this info of you can you ensure.

me of this can you send this to me can you send out that to me include that notification when somebody comes along and attempts to sign up with the group they’ll get that mail now then what I saw when I was running about a 2,000 strong group is that sometimes that was neglected so I made use of to have a note to member and also this was a reminder so I might go back via my pending which is right here with the tick in it I have actually go are these people have actually been pending for a month currently as well as I would send them all the note to participant message a reminder that I seek this information that’s what that’s for.

notes bear in mind that’s what I utilized it for anyway a denied message thanks quite for application I’m truly sorry but we don’t approve people with 4 heads and also 3 legs however the four-headed three leg team over at yahoo are still accepting members review there so that was great rejected registration Oh message sent when a pending membership is denied declined message so sorry we don’t permit whatever it was that’s the message turned down membership we obtained that a removed participant so you imply band but we eliminated you whatever it could be I’m actually hectic I’m in the middle of the Arctic I’ve only obtained a very slow 2nd or could you eliminate me from your group please now I used to obtain that on my yahoo group and I used to kind of pleasantly say hi you’re in charge of your very own subscriptions make.

not me however if they ask wonderful sufficient I would certainly remove them however that would be an automatic truly simple message India as requested I’ve eliminated you from the thing and also as you invite so this member no illness reads essential alright if you get that right everything else will function so that’s setting in Cooper the next one we’re gon na do which I’ll make in fact soon is beginning the migration alright yet it might take me a couple of days to modify that so if you’re waiting beforehand on the 10th of February which is my birthday is today and afterwards in occurred afterward so as well as if you’re not into pork radio you’re not really into science or whatever else don’t bother subscribing to this network yet if this has been live any type of value to you please strike such alright to ensure that’s it for the time being I’ll see you on sequel well as and when fine so my name is Karen from Diez leader over jolly excellent day enjoy your groups chaps and also girls as well as adios you.

Migrating from Yahoo Groups to Groups IO – Setting up your New Group (Part 1).

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